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Meridian 59: Evolution now available!

Near Death Studios, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the expansion Meridian 59: Evolution. The exciting world of Meridian 59: Evolution is now open for the general public to enjoy. There are two separate game servers to enjoy, each with a unique community. Accounts cost only $10.95 per month with NO setup fee. Each gameplay account includes two character slots on one server and unlimited gameplay each month. Near Death Studios has partnered with Internet Payment Solutions and Pay By Cash to set up a comprehensive billing system allowing people to pay by nearly any payment method including Visa, MasterCard, direct debit, check, money order, PayPal, Citibank's C2it, wire transfer, or even Western Union.

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10 Best Websites to Download Paid PC Games For Free


Are you looking for sources of your favorite PC games without spending even a single penny? Fortunately, there are websites like Shurigames that grant this. Here are the top 10 websites where downloading games with premium content is legal and completely free of charge.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is undeniably one of the top websites to get PC games for free. You can download just about every popular game. Additionally, the site’s user interface is incredibly clean, and there are no annoying pop-up ads either. 


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List of 5 Dating Sims Games to Try


Are you tired of playing video games which involve gore and blood? Do you prefer a realistic approach to your games? Then, dating sims may be the game just for you.

You can learn more about this game on Dating simulators entail playing a virtual character as you try to build or destroy relationships throughout the digital world. Your decisions and choices may show the romance you long to have. To those who favor flirting with a digital character rather than finding love online, dating simulators are a perfect game for you.

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List of the Best Crime Games That You Should Play


When we think about crime games, GTA is usually the first thing that pops into our heads. I mean, GTA is the ultimate crime game wherein your objective is to literally do illegal things. Of course, GTA isn’t the only crime game around. Believe it or not, instant checkmate is quite safe and it won’t encourage crime. There are so many different crime games that you can try out if you want to be the bad guy for a change. Here are 5 of the best crime games that aren’t GTA:

Saints Row IV

If you’re looking for a game that’s extremely similar to GTA, then you’ve got Saints Row IV. In fact, the game is actually compared to GTA very often because of their similarities. The difference is that there are more options for character development.

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Tips for Creating Your Own Gaming Website


Programming skills are not really required when creating your own gaming website. All you need are a passion for games and sharing information, some expense, and a good plan. With regards to expenses, a few dollars a month for web hosting will get you covered. For a good plan, frankly, there remains a lot to know and do. Fortunately, we got you covered.

Here is the weblink to read more about creating and hosting your own gaming website so you can start with this article and keep reading further.

Decide on the Niche

There are many kinds of gaming websites you can create, but there are also a lot that has been established out there. Featuring the same things that other established websites have drops your chances to build a community.

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Clothing Guide to A Successful Game Job Interview

Successful Game Job Interview

In any job interview, the first impression is one of the most vital considerations. The moment you walk in the interview room, interviewers will judge you. How you look gives them an idea of what to expect and more importantly, deduce the features that they are looking for. If you are well dressed and wearing a custom hoodie, your first task is done, and you will most likely be on the interviewer’s right side.

The game job interview is quite different, keeping in mind that the game industry takes a different dress code. While determining what to wear for your job interview, your collection of custom hoodies, especially the ones with game-related features, are a go-to outfit. However, before settling for attire, due diligence is essential.

Not all game job interviews will land you in the hands of a fellow programmer.

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Ways Cryptocurrencies Transform Video Games

Ways Cryptocurrencies Transform Video Games

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have shown itself in the gaming world wherein there are many projects that make use of both digital currencies and decentralized platforms. Of course, this hasn’t been fully widespread yet because a lot of developers are still finding ways to integrate gaming into the blockchain. That said, here are a few ways to buy rs3 gold with crypto which indicate that cryptocurrencies could transform video games:

Cryptocurrencies as In-Game Currency

Video games are probably among the first platforms to make use of virtual currencies. Video games have their own virtual economy and their own in-game currency used for buying items, accessories, weapons, and the like. All of these can also be bought using real money as well (you can even buy in-game currency with real cash too).

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Guide to Playing Fortnite: Battle Royale For Beginners


Fortnite did not gain popularity within just months for nothing. This coveted game is both novel and challenging. With an ever-changing dynamics, the next match could feel very different from the first. As a Fortnite rookie, the chances for beginner’s luck are slim. To survive longer or thrive, you better need a free vbucks generator to get a low-down on some battle-hardened tactics.

First, know where to land.

In a game such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, being at an advantage in every way is your edge, even from the very start. As you launch from the battle bus, choose an advantageous location for you to land. Most players opt for already built-up areas owing to the amount of loot. If you wish to land in these areas, be armed to the teeth because you’ll surely be in for a skirmish. That’s why this strategy is not highly recommended if you don’t want to be ripped into pieces right away.

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The Best Dress Up and Fashion Games for Mobile Devices


Dreaming of becoming a renowned fashion guru or a personal stylist? Start your journey with these awesome mobile apps. These games will surely help you enhance your creativity in dress style and design skills. Before telling the true cost of stitch fix, here is our list of the best dress up and fashion games for your phones:

Long Hair Princess Hair Salon

Are you a fairytale fanatic? If so, you’ll instantly fall in love with this one. Aside from its superb graphics, this mobile app allows you to perform a full hair and facial makeover for your desired princess. Also, you have the liberty to make your own fairytale princess which allows you to create it like yourself. This game is not just a dress up game since it has three other internal elements which are the spa, salon, and makeup. Guaranteed, you’ll never get bored with this application even for a long period of time.....

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Cool Mobile Games to Play While Travelling


Being caught in the middle of a heavy traffic when you’re in a rush and being stuck in the airport because of a delayed flight are two things you never want to experience, right? But, no matter how carefully planned a trip is, travel mishaps like these are inevitable and are mostly out of your control.

Because traveling comes with a lot of waiting time and idle moments, it is best that you bring with you something that can provide a distraction. If you are not the reader type, then recommends mobile games as the next best entertainment option after books. Almost every smartphone has a mobile game, and it can be the perfect boredom-busting tool for travelers. Here, we list our top five game picks worth passing the time when you’re traveling.

Raved for its beautiful graphics and relaxing soundtrack, Alto’s Adventure will take you on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Although Alto is the main character,

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Best Video Game Movies You Need to Watch If You’re a Hardcore Gamer

Best Video Game Movies

These days, a lot of studios including putlocker movies are producing movies that are based on video games. However, this has received a lot of criticism as some of these movies have remained untrue to the source material. Most video game movies just feature storylines and acting that are terrible and of poor quality. All the same, there are movie studios that have managed to release impressive pieces. Here are 10 greatest movies based on video games that are pretty enjoyable to watch.

The Spirits Within leans on technology as it was the first length motion picture to make use of computer generated imagery to create effects on the human cast members and the environment. It probably tops the category of the best video game movies to date. This is because it is different and always daring.

The story is centred on a world that has been overrun by space monsters due to meteor collision.

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How can Games Help Doctors Improve their Surgical Skills?

Health Care Gamification

Video games’ negative impact on children has been well documented and perceived by many parents. It has been said that too much playing is just a waste of time and can result in bad grades for students. It can also lessen the child’s social interaction and assist in developing aggressive behavior. However, there is a little bit of good news to everyone. Joshua S. Rovner, robotic spine surgeon in New Jersey has come out in support of video games aiding doctors in improving their surgical skills and in turn, help perform a successful surgery. A number of researches have been conducted to support the discovery, and here’s how: It can Increase their Precision and Accuracy Playing video games has been discovered to help surgeons – whether he is a spine surgeon, brain surgeon, or cosmetic surgeon. These games increase their accuracy and precision while performing a surgery. In fact, a study that was conducted by JC Rosser showed that surgeons who played games in the past have faster completion rate and fewer errors.

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Latest Blockchain-Based games

Blockchain-Based games

Over the years, a steadily increasing array of computer games that employ blockchain technology in one way or another has hit the market. However, despite the mushrooming of these games, only a few of them actually utilize the mechanics of blockchain to deliver a decentralized gaming experience. The gaming industry was one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies which began to be used as an in-game virtual currency. Helped by trading platforms with tools like Auto Trader for Bitmex, the currency took off with speed. Although the fusion of gaming and blockchain holds huge promise, there are still a number of hurdles that must be bridged before the two can be widely adopted. The following are some of the top blockchain-based computer games there are: EtherWarfare This game is set in a medieval world whereby players battle each other in an effort to collect gear in an ever-changing digital environment. The game features a marketplace where players get to exchange their gear. EtherWarfare is based on Ethereum Blockchain and uses Ether cryptocurrency.

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The Best Gift for a Video Game Enthusiast

Gift for a Video Game Enthusiast

Video game enthusiasts enjoy expressing their love for and expertise in the video games that they prefer. Most video games adopt an interactive format which permits the user to challenge other gaming enthusiasts. Consequently, some individuals play their favorite games for long hours when presented with an opportunity to compete against their friends. Wearing custom hoodies with the logos of their favorite games allows gamers to declare their appreciation for video games. It also enables the video game fans to attract friends who share their enthusiasm for video games. Therefore, gamers should carefully select the custom shirt that best suits them.Purchasing a custom-made video game shirt for oneself Most custom-printed video game t-shirts are emblazoned with the official logo of a particular video game. Additionally, the shirts may feature elaborate artwork in their design. One example is a shirt that features drawings of characters in different situations...

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Share Your Game with Friends thru Instagram


Instagram has a new update on their Stories feature. With this new feature, users can leave a comment on people’s feed posts or promote their own with the “See Post” button. Considering all the freedom Instagram gives to users with this new feature, it’s ideal to use Instagram Account Security software to protect your account from any Instagram password hacker, identity theft, and other kinds of cybercrime. Instagram has never had an official “regram” feature. That’s why this new feature is very interesting. Before, users had to take screenshots of feed posts and manually share them in their Instagram Stories, which many Instagram users find inconvenient as it limited the options for cropping and putting comments. With the new Stories feature update, users can enjoy their freedom as much as they want. Now, they can leave comments, share memes, throw shades, tease social stars, or even share games with friends in their Stories. Brands can also benefit a lot from this new feature as they can use it to cross-promote ad campaigns. They can have more visibility in the feed ranking algorithm of Instagram by...

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Games for Designers

Games For Designers

Just like most parts of the world, there has been an increasing number of the digital population in Malaysia. This is because of online services like social media, e-banking, e-commerce, and many more that are convenient online. This simply means that your site should be responsive and fun. Furthermore, Malaysians also demand creativity and innovation once they open a site and a web design Malaysia consultant knows this is very important. This same principle also applies to games. Computer games have always had a bad reputation. Most would say that it is destructive, a waste of time, and bad for the creative soul. However, this list of casual games will prove you wrong. They are not only a great way to pass time but also can improve your design skills. So here are the top games for designers. I Shot the Serif To successfully win the game, you will need to aim and shoot at the letters with serif fonts. You must leave the fonts with typefaces alone. It might sound simple. However, the time constraint makes the game more challenging.  The game is quite difficult to win. It has three levels of difficulty levels. The first one is Junior. If you are a beginner, this is ...

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VR as a Tool to Study the Effects of CBD

VR for CBD Study

The advancement of the virtual reality (VR) technology can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It is definitely the future of the gaming world. Have you ever played Slender Man, Silent Hill, Anna, or any other horror game? This might top off your game list. Scientists are now starting to use the virtual reality technology to study the effects of CBD. Before the virtual reality technology was developed, you have a sense of detachment to the world of the game you are playing. Now, with this technology, you will feel like you are in the world itself. Thus, this takes you to a whole new level of gaming experience. When you play a game using VR or when you enter virtual reality, your brain is not able to differentiate between reality and virtual reality. Your brain will react in situations the same way it would in the real world. The Effects of Virtual Reality to Your Brain In a study that was conducted by those from various universities in the UK in March of this year, there were 32 volunteers who had ...

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Game Review: World of Zoo - A New Way to Learn About Animals

World of Zoo

World of Zoo is a zoo-centric game that is similar to Sim City but differs in terms of characterization. The game is a part of the Zoo Tycoon PC games which is developed by Blue Fang Games and published by HandyGames. The World of Zoo is created to cater to players of younger ages. In this way, it would be easier for them to learn about the different animals by making their own zoo. The mechanics of the game is very easy, if a baby who just started using the best baby walker can play this game. You need to build your own zoo by choosing the animals that you want to take care of in it zoo. There are several animal species that you can choose from, namely koalas, elephants, crocodiles, antelopes, bears, big cats, horses, giraffes, monkeys, pandas, and penguins. Although you have 11 animal choices, there are some animals that people would want to see in the game such as hippos, rhinos and bird species. Once you have decided on your first chosen animal, you will be able to interact with it. You can unlock as many as you can. You can use star tokens to unlock them or level up to a higher level. When you start playing the game, you ...

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