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Just like most parts of the world, there has been an increasing number of the digital population in Malaysia. This is because of online services like social media, e-banking, e-commerce, and many more that are convenient online. This simply means that your site should be responsive and fun. Furthermore, Malaysians also demand creativity and innovation once they open a site and a web design Malaysia consultant knows this is very important. This same principle also applies to games.

Computer games have always had a bad reputation. Most would say that it is destructive, a waste of time, and bad for the creative soul. However, this list of casual games will prove you wrong. They are not only a great way to pass time but also can improve your design skills.

So here are the top games for designers.

I Shot the Serif

To successfully win the game, you will need to aim and shoot at the letters with serif fonts. You must leave the fonts with typefaces alone. It might sound simple. However, the time constraint makes the game more challenging.  The game is quite difficult to win. It has three levels of difficulty levels. The first one is Junior. If you are a beginner, this is the level for you. The second level is the Middle-weight. The game takes a more challenging turn on this level because there will be more serifs for you to find. The third level is the Senior. It is the most difficult one of all. You get promoted as you finish each of the levels.

Hex Invaders

This game will definitely remind you of classic games like Galaga. However, as you play the game, a hex code appears above the alien. The task is to shoot at the space invader whose color corresponds to the code. This game can easily become addictive as the difficulty increases.

The Bézier Game

This game helps you master the Pen tool of Photoshop. Admittedly, this tool can be quite hard to master on the first try. Plus, it may require a bit of a learning curve. As you play the game, it displays shapes for you to trace with the pen tool. Furthermore, it limits the number of clicks or nodes that you can use. As the game progresses, the shapes become more complex. At the same time, you will also learn the basic hotkeys of Photoshop.


Do you want to be a master of pixel size? If you want to be one, Pixactly is the best training ground. The game tests your knowledge of on-screen dimensions. It will ask you to draw a specific size without the use of rulers.  Though the rules may be easy to understand, the game is quite challenging. Put your design skills to the test and try out the game.

Kern Type

Kern type explores your familiarity with fonts, black art, and kerning. It will present you a series of fonts with improper kerning. You will have to put the right spacing in between the letters. Each round will be a different typeface. So, you will need plenty of knowledge, a steady hand, and a sharp eye to notice the difference. The game is a great platform for you to test your knowledge of typefaces.

Occasionally, learning a new skill can be quite taxing. However, learning to design should not become a chore. Instead, it should be enjoyable. Games are a great way for you to learn and to practice your craft while passing time.

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