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VR as a Tool to Study the Effects of CBD

VR for CBD Study

The advancement of the virtual reality (VR) technology can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It is definitely the future of the gaming world. Have you ever played Slender Man, Silent Hill, Anna, or any other horror game? This might top off your game list. Scientists are now starting to use the virtual reality technology to study the effects of CBD.

Before the virtual reality technology was developed, you have a sense of detachment to the world of the game you are playing. Now, with this technology, you will feel like you are in the world itself. Thus, this takes you to a whole new level of gaming experience. When you play a game using VR or when you enter virtual reality, your brain is not able to differentiate between reality and virtual reality. Your brain will react in situations the same way it would in the real world.

The Effects of Virtual Reality to Your Brain

In a study that was conducted by those from various universities in the UK in March of this year, there were 32 volunteers who had personality traits that are highly paranoid who joined the experiment. The participants were asked to take a placebo or cannabidiol (CBD). The latter is taken as CBD oil. After that, they were asked to play a virtual reality game. 

When the participants entered the game, there were signs of elevated blood pressure and an increase of cortisol levels. However, the scientists found out that CBD or cannabidiol did not have any effect on the volunteers. The researchers stated that they will need a bigger sample size in order to get a definitive conclusion.

On the other hand, the scientists hoped that CBD or cannabidiol can be used to lower anxiety. Plus, it could be used to treat those who are experiencing or at the risk of a mental illness. Some of the mental illnesses it could help treat are PTSD or ADHD. It can also help treat psychosis, seizures, depression, migraines, epilepsy, and many more.  However, scientists will need to do further research and experimentation in order to fully understand its effects. The scientists will also need to experiment on the different CBDs they can get from different strains.

The Future of Cannabidiol and how it looks like

The experiment is an exciting discovery which could surely help with the study of Cannabis. Now, scientists are given an instrument to study the effects of cannabis in a real-time setting. Before the experiment, the researchers had a hard time tracking their subjects' daily routine and vitals. With the use of the technology, scientists can put the subjects in a world where they control the experience in the comfort of their own laboratories. 

You can expect to have a faster rate of advancement and more accomplishments with the use of the virtual reality technology.  It is interesting to see the type of breakthroughs the experiment of cannabidiol and virtual reality can produce.

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