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Latest Blockchain-Based games

Blockchain-Based games

Over the years, a steadily increasing array of computer games that employ blockchain technology in one way or another has hit the market. However, despite the mushrooming of these games, only a few of them actually utilize the mechanics of blockchain to deliver a decentralized gaming experience.

The gaming industry was one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies which began to be used as an in-game virtual currency. Helped by trading platforms with tools like Auto Trader for Bitmex, the currency took off with speed. Although the fusion of gaming and blockchain holds huge promise, there are still a number of hurdles that must be bridged before the two can be widely adopted. The following are some of the top blockchain-based computer games there are:


This game is set in a medieval world whereby players battle each other in an effort to collect gear in an ever-changing digital environment. The game features a marketplace where players get to exchange their gear. EtherWarfare is based on Ethereum Blockchain and uses Ether cryptocurrency.

The merchandise traded varies depending on their rank based on their availability. Players that find themselves with plenty of similarly ranked items can trade them in the marketplace.


This is an Ethereum-based game whereby players breed unique digital cat. When you join as a new player, you receive one cat. However, in order to breed a cat, a player is required to have at least two cats which can be bought from the game’s marketplace using ether. A player can also request the other players to breed a cat for them by parting with some amount of ether.

All cats have unique attributes that are generated based on their genealogy. The value of the cats depends on supply and demand.  In order to play, one is required to have an account at Metamask.


This is a puzzle-based game whereby players participate in a mining game involving granting permission for their computer to be used in the mining of a cryptocurrency specially designed for the game. Players have a choice of engaging in crypto trading as they can exchange their jewels for other cryptocurrencies and even use their proceeds to fund in-game purchases.   The game is developed by MyDream Interactive.


This game is famous for leveraging on the Bitcoin craze to promote its popularity. Upon its launch, it promised to award the first player that solved its puzzles one Bitcoin, which at the time was valued at $9,860. The game still remains popular even without the reward.

Benefits of Blockchain in Gaming

The blockchain technology is beneficial in gaming because they provide secure payment platforms and allow developers to monetize and profit from their work. The implementation of blockchain in gaming will also result in increased innovation around cryptocurrencies.

Closing Remarks

The potential of blockchain in the gaming industry will largely depend on the investments of gaming companies. A number of games have shown that blockchain, bitmex trading, and cryptocurrencies can be leveraged to deliver unique gaming experiences. Moreover, the growing prevalence and popularity of games such as CryptoKitties, AllMine, and Huntercoin is an early sign that cryptocurrencies, and block-chain hold a huge promise in the video gaming industry.

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