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Share Your Game with Friends thru Instagram


Instagram has a new update on their Stories feature. With this new feature, users can leave a comment on people’s feed posts or promote their own with the “See Post” button.

Considering all the freedom Instagram gives to users with this new feature, it’s ideal to use Instagram Account Security software to protect your account from any Instagram password hacker, identity theft, and other kinds of cybercrime.

Instagram has never had an official “regram” feature. That’s why this new feature is very interesting. Before, users had to take screenshots of feed posts and manually share them in their Instagram Stories, which many Instagram users find inconvenient as it limited the options for cropping and putting comments. With the new Stories feature update, users can enjoy their freedom as much as they want. Now, they can leave comments, share memes, throw shades, tease social stars, or even share games with friends in their Stories.

Brands can also benefit a lot from this new feature as they can use it to cross-promote ad campaigns. They can have more visibility in the feed ranking algorithm of Instagram by using Stories to get extra links and comments to their permanent posts.

Gamers can also get a lot from the new Stories update. With this feature, they can share their game to their fellow gamers and have them leave different sorts of comments on their Stories. Since users are given all the freedom on this platform, gamers can have all kinds of conversations on the comments section. In fact, they can even leave trash talks! They just have to make sure they don’t get anyone offended. 

The new feature might be a new thing for many, but Instagram made sure to make it easy to use for all users. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pick a public, permanent Instagram post.

Step 2: Click the “See Post” button.

Step 3: Embed the post in your Story.

And that’s how easy it works. You can also design the post to highlight, resize, or move the post’s author. In addition, you can add imagery or commentary with the use of Instagram’s creative tools.

Of course, Instagram also purposely leaves limitations to preserve the privacy of the users, especially those who are very particular with it. Users who do not want other people to use their posts can turn off the option. They can set their settings so that only their public posts can be reshared.

Nevertheless, Quote-Storying could be a relevant feature to help users spend their time sharing their little bubbles. It also offers a strong viral mechanism for users as they can now ask other users to reshare their posts rather than have them manually screenshot and upload the posts to their Stories.

In any case, this move made by Instagram ties together the three major parts of the app: the Feed Posts, Stories, and Direct Messaging. The blend of these three features allows for the multi-modal usage of social media.

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