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Best Video Game Movies You Need to Watch If You’re a Hardcore Gamer

Best Video Game Movies

These days, a lot of studios including putlocker movies are producing movies that are based on video games. However, this has received a lot of criticism as some of these movies have remained untrue to the source material. Most video game movies just feature storylines and acting that are terrible and of poor quality. All the same, there are movie studios that have managed to release impressive pieces. Here are 10 greatest movies based on video games that are pretty enjoyable to watch.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

The Spirits Within leans on technology as it was the first length motion picture to make use of computer generated imagery to create effects on the human cast members and the environment. It probably tops the category of the best video game movies to date. This is because it is different and always daring.

The story is centred on a world that has been overrun by space monsters due to meteor collision. The society takes shelter in the remaining cities which are protected by barriers. In the mean time, protagonists try to look for a solution to the alien invasion. The story draws from the Final-Fantasy tradition.

Tomb Raider (2018)

The Tomb Raider released in 2018 is undoubtedly the highest rated video game movie of all time. In its return, Lara Croft is trying to find herself and her lost dad who disappeared during his adventures. Unlike the 2001 version, Lara is more vulnerable and is bursting with life. Tomb Raider is filled with star talent and is one of the better games of its generation.

Resident Evil

There are so many Resident Evil films that have been adapted over the years. They range from Afterlife to Retribution to Extinction to The Final Chapter. The original Resident Evil film is probably the best video game movie as the emphasis is on the action.

Silent Hill

Compared to other video games adaptations, Silent Hill games are quite terrifying with sights like the Pyramid Head. This will get you hiding behind the coach. The movie is centered on a mother looking for cure for her daughter’s illnesses. She is then lead to a titular town, Silent Hill, which is a place covered with perpetual fog. It consists of casts like Sean Bean who ends up surviving.

Another aspect that sets apart this video game adaptation is the intricate production design. The monsters make the game come to life while the sets give a modern Gothic style.

Prince of Persia

With a nostalgic sense of adventure, the movie is more of an old-fashioned adventure film than it is a video game adaptation. Characters like Jake Gyllenhaal wearing eyeliner in his role as prince is one aspect that has made the game interesting. Another entertaining aspect is the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arteton which is a love-hate relationship.



Warcraft is a video game adaptation of the undeniably popular World of Warcraft. Not only has this film been recognised as the best performing video game adaptation, but it is also beautiful. With a grossing of $433 million, the movie received higher rankings from its audience. It is quite adventurous and is not afraid to take chances. 

The human vs. orcs plot is absolutely appealing and perfect if you are a fantasy boner. The orc animations are really fun to watch as they are impressively animated.

The Angry Birds Movie

This movie is admittedly a good choice for kids, but it also contains some humour for the adults. It tries to answer the question on why the birds are angry and apparently, it’s because some green pigs invaded the bird’s island. The movie has decent visuals as it continues to add color throughout the story.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

We were excited when Assassin’s Creed movie came as an adaptation of the video game. The movie differs from most video games adaptations since it does not only focus on a certain audience. The movie is sure to please many fans with its bunch of stars like Michael K Williams, Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

The reason why this film is enjoyable to watch is due to its solid stunts and actions. The animus brings Fassbender back in time in order to relieve the memories of his Assassin ancestor while Callum uses his against the society of Templars. However, some fans were disappointed with the fact that the film did not have the magic that made video games mysterious. All the same, the movie has a bright future ahead.

Street Fighter (1994)

Unlike some video game movies, Street Fighter is more than just characters fighting each other. Interestingly, there are changes in the plot descriptions and motivations of films while the characters retain the same names and fighting styles. One of the noticeable changes is Chun Li, who now becomes a news reporter. These changes give the film a comical story and give the audience a reason to watch.

Mortal Combat (1995)

Although it does not top our list, the Mortal Combat is enjoyable and interesting enough to bring the game to life. Casts like Jonny Cage have developed back-stories that enable the audience to connect. The movie is about combat, and it centers on the intergalactic fighting tournament. It is one of the realest films with impressive sets and design costumes.

Yes, the relationship between video games and movies has been quite a rocky one. However, the above movies have put in the effort to cut through the thicket of below-average movies based on video games. They feature incredible story lines and are packed with a decent casting choice.

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