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Cool Mobile Games to Play While Travelling


Being caught in the middle of a heavy traffic when you’re in a rush and being stuck in the airport because of a delayed flight are two things you never want to experience, right? But, no matter how carefully planned a trip is, travel mishaps like these are inevitable and are mostly out of your control.

Because traveling comes with a lot of waiting time and idle moments, it is best that you bring with you something that can provide a distraction. If you are not the reader type, then recommends mobile games as the next best entertainment option after books. Almost every smartphone has a mobile game, and it can be the perfect boredom-busting tool for travelers. Here, we list our top five game picks worth passing the time when you’re traveling.

Alto’s Adventure

Raved for its beautiful graphics and relaxing soundtrack, Alto’s Adventure will take you on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Although Alto is the main character, you will unlock a total of six playable characters equipped with unique attributes and skills throughout the game. It is easy enough for everyone to play but difficult to master as you would have to develop snowboarding tricks to score more points and pass each mission. Rescue runway llamas and journey across the mesmerizing alpine hills in this multi-awarded game that you can play offline.


Outside developers created their own version of Threes within weeks of its release. That’s why this game might remind you of the infamous “2048”, which is one of the game’s clones where you must combine numbered tiles until you form the number 2048. The two games operate on the same philosophy but with Threes as you may only add 1’s and 2’s to make a 3. For numbers 3 and above, every match may be combined to produce a larger sum. Larger numbers equate to more points. Once the board fills up with tiles that you can’t combine, the game ends. This simplistic numbers game is guaranteed to grow on you and will put you in the never-ending “just one more try” cycle.

Ninja Revenge

You may think that no one develops games in Vietnam. Well, think again! Travel to Vietnam and you will see that game developers have been around long before Flappy Bird, created by Vietnamese Dong Nguyen, made waves in the gaming community. One of the brilliant products of their game-developing genius is Ninja Revenge, where you will play as an enraged Ninja avenging the death of his wife. There are tons of missions and exciting power-ups, utilities, and other features. The game is also fast-paced with simple and basic controls. If you are into Oriental action games, then you might want to give this one a try.


Car racing games are considered a staple in mobile gaming. While PAKO 2 is much better than the released original, the concept remained extremely simple. You are in an auto-accelerating vehicle and the cops won’t stop chasing you. You must do everything you can to avoid crashing so that you can get away from the police. A few great additions to the second version of PAKO is the ability to use the brakes and reverse the vehicle. Also, the different vehicles in the game have varying levels of HP and weapons. The passenger automatically fires at the police whenever they get too close, so you can focus on driving. The adrenaline rush you get from being chased and the realistic concept is what makes this game so satisfying to play.

Knife Hit

Another arcade game, Knife Hit is the exact definition of a frustratingly addictive game. Graphics-wise, this can definitely take the top spot as the color palette of this game is just awesome and makes for great eye candy. The rules are simple: there is a spinning chunk of wood in the middle of the screen and each round is assigned a specific number of knives. You have to drive each knife into the wood without it hitting another knife. The challenge is in the speed at which the wood spins and the direction it goes. Sometimes, it spins one way, and at other times, it goes left and right at different intervals. A favorite thing for many is the intricately designed knives that you win whenever you pass a boss level. This is one of those games that are easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Make sure to have these games downloaded on your next trip because they will surely come in handy at some point in your travel. However, be careful not to get too engrossed in the game! Your main objective during your trip is to live in the moment, enjoy the scenery, and savor the time you’re spending at the company of family and friends.

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