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How can Games Help Doctors Improve their Surgical Skills?

Health Care Gamification

Video games’ negative impact on children has been well documented and perceived by many parents. It has been said that too much playing is just a waste of time and can result in bad grades for students. It can also lessen the child’s social interaction and assist in developing aggressive behavior.

However, there is a little bit of good news to everyone. Joshua S. Rovner, robotic spine surgeon in New Jersey has come out in support of video games have been discovered to aid doctors in improving their surgical skills and in turn, help perform a successful surgery. A number of researches have been conducted to support the discovery, and here’s how:

It can Increase their Precision and Accuracy

Playing video games has been discovered to help surgeons – whether he is a spine surgeon, brain surgeon, or cosmetic surgeon. These games increase their accuracy and precision while performing a surgery.

In fact, a study that was conducted by JC Rosser showed that surgeons who played games in the past have faster completion rate and fewer errors. In the same study, the same results were detected to surgeons who played games before performing surgery compared to those who did not.

It Helps Develop Eye and Hand Coordination

There is one similarity that video games and surgery share. The medical field all agreed that the eye and hand coordination that is used extensively in playing video games is similar to what is needed in performing different kinds of surgeries. In fact, there are a number of surgeons who played a lot of video games for the purpose of entertainment and training.

It can be Used as Part of the Preparation Process Before Performing a Surgery

A hospital in Florida allows their surgeons to play video games before performing a surgery. According to Dr. James Rosser, the general surgeon at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, it is all part of the warm-up process before going to the operating room. Dr. Rosser said that playing video games before the operation process can help improve surgical techniques to all their surgeons.

Help Improved Doctor’s Capabilities in Performing Laparoscopic Surgery

This surgery involves guiding a surgical instrument to a small body opening where every surgeon’s movement is being guided by a television screen.  A surgeon can improve his surgical skills by using video games that have a similar interface but by using a joystick, buttons, and a television screen to do a virtual surgery. 

A Practical Teaching Tool in Training Future Surgeons

Noted surgeon Dr. James Rosser said that video games can be used as a practical teaching tool in training current and future surgeons. With all the research that has been conducted, the next step is to incorporate the process of playing video games to the training of medical personnel. By doing this, it will not only help surgical doctors but also patients.


There is an increasing demand for using video games in training surgeons as more and more studies have proven the connection between the two. If playing video games can help in having a successful surgery, then it should be done regardless of the negative connotations it brings currently.

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