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Clothing Guide to A Successful Game Job Interview

Successful Game Job Interview

In any job interview, the first impression is one of the most vital considerations. The moment you walk in the interview room, interviewers will judge you. How you look gives them an idea of what to expect and more importantly, deduce the features that they are looking for. If you are well dressed and wearing a custom hoodie, your first task is done, and you will most likely be on the interviewer’s right side.

The game job interview is quite different, keeping in mind that the game industry takes a different dress code. While determining what to wear for your job interview, your collection of custom hoodies, especially the ones with game-related features, are a go-to outfit. However, before settling for attire, due diligence is essential.

Not all game job interviews will land you in the hands of a fellow programmer. Some companies have different sets where the HR department is probably occupied by non-game related individuals. With such a setup, dressing as a gamer may not be the most favorable approach. A game company’s HR will most likely be looking for skills more than how you fit in the gaming culture. Here is a clothing guide to a successful game job interview.

Pay Attention To Your Personal Hygiene

Like in any other interviews, personal hygiene is paramount. Taking a shower is not enough; go the extra mile and make sure that your hair is trimmed and well kept. Also, keep your fingernails clean at all times.

Stay Fresh And Smell Fresh

No one wants to interview a sweaty and smelly person. As you choose a deodorant, go for faint one, and as much as possible, do away with perfumes. If you have to wear perfume or cologne, ensure that it is not strong. The last thing you want to happen is to cause panic in the interview room because someone got allergic reactions to your smell.

Practice Casual Dressing

While going for a game job interview, casual dressing is ideal. However, as tempting as it may be, keep in mind that it still is an interview and you want to ace it. As you pick your casual outfit, ensure that it is not too revealing in a way that might get your interviewers distracted. Custom hoodies could be an excellent choice given that the standard working outfit in the game industry involves casual dressing.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

If you are not much into casual outfits, for example, if you feel comfortable in suits, ensure that you leave your tie and suit coat out of the interview room. It is all about fitting in and at the same time, ensuring that you’re comfortable. Bear in mind that uncomfortable dressing can knock you off your game skills, meaning that you will not be able to showcase your incredible skills to the interviewer.

Having an incredible resume and skills set gives you an edge in the job market. However, even after landing numerous interviews, you may end up jobless all because of some small yet vital details you missed. On top of such details is how you dress for an interview.   

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