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Guide to Playing Fortnite: Battle Royale For Beginners


Fortnite did not gain popularity within just months for nothing. This coveted game is both novel and challenging. With an ever-changing dynamics, the next match could feel very different from the first. As a Fortnite rookie, the chances for beginner’s luck are slim. To survive longer or thrive, you better need a free vbucks generator to get a low-down on some battle-hardened tactics.

First, know where to land.

In a game such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, being at an advantage in every way is your edge, even from the very start. As you launch from the battle bus, choose an advantageous location for you to land. Most players opt for already built-up areas owing to the amount of loot. If you wish to land in these areas, be armed to the teeth because you’ll surely be in for a skirmish. That’s why this strategy is not highly recommended if you don’t want to be ripped into pieces right away.

There are almost 20 Fortnite locations. If you don’t want to land in high-risk locations, avoid these:

Tilted Towers

It is highly possible that skilled players are here with great loot. As a new player, this would not be the best place to land.

Dusty Divot

This is a devastated and overgrown place. It is also quite a busy spot.

Get a buddy.

In Battle Royale, you can play solo, duo, or in a squad. For new players, playing in a squad would be ideal. This way, you’ll have a wingman and you’ll learn by following their lead. Having a teammate comes in handy, especially when you are injured. In such a state, a buddy can revive you. If you go solo, losing your health would be the last of you.

Fortify and do it quickly!

One of the most effective strategies in Battle Royale is building fortifications quickly. Lay off on getting the most accurate shot for a bit and focus more on protection. Shots may be coming from everywhere, so even a mini-fort could go a long way. You can use wood, metal, and stone for building. Learn to love wood because they finish faster.

Pick the right weapons.

You will only be allowed to carry at most five weapons, so choose wisely. There are a variety of long-range and short-range weapons that you can gather from built-up locations. Most of the time, you’ll need long-range guns. In Fortnite, weapons are classified by color based on rarity and potency:

  • Gold: Legendary
  • Purple: Epic
  • Blue: Rare
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Grey: Common

Be patient and paranoid.

The goal of the game is to survive the longest. You could get as much as 100 kills but still lose. Patience isn’t only a virtue; it’ll fetch you victory. Engage only when you know that success is on your side. Also, don’t feel too overconfident. No fortification is impregnable and indestructible. Keep a Plan B in mind.

As said, Fortnite: Battle Royale gives a lot of spontaneity. Despite having these tactics under your belt, be prepared to encounter surprises as you play. But, as with every game, you’ll learn how to adapt as you play more.

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