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Tips for Creating Your Own Gaming Website


Programming skills are not really required when creating your own gaming website. All you need are a passion for games and sharing information, some expense, and a good plan. With regards to expenses, a few dollars a month for web hosting will get you covered. For a good plan, frankly, there remains a lot to know and do. Fortunately, we got you covered.

Here is the weblink to read more about creating and hosting your own gaming website so you can start with this article and keep reading further.

Decide on the Niche

There are many kinds of gaming websites you can create, but there are also a lot that has been established out there. Featuring the same things that other established websites have drops your chances to build a community. But, if you focus on a niche, it would be easier for you to frame and describe your website and stand out. To build a niche, you can:

  • address a specific audience profile such as age, or level of expertise
  • focus on news, reviews, and streaming one game
  • be a reviewer of popular games
  • focus on game equipment information

Pick Out a Name and Register a Domain

For your domain name, you can get inspiration from other gaming websites. Then, you should check its availability. Hostinger is one good site you can use to do this. It is recommended that you use “.com” top-level domains because they are cheap and elicit trust from users. Once you’ve decided, purchase the domain name.

Choose a Web Hosting Plan

The hosting service you’re going to pay for will depend on the type of website you have. If your website allows visitors to play games, then you’ll need a virtual private server. You’ll have full access to the server, and you can configure it so that you can install any software. Otherwise, for gaming blogs and review sites, a shared hosting service would suffice. It will provide security and high performance even at a lower price. Some web hosting services start with a basic plan at around USD$2 a month. Then, you can pay for upgrades later.

Select a Platform for Creating Your Website

Next, you will need a content management system to build your website. You can use platforms like WordPress and Joomla! or website builders if you don’t want to build from the ground up and learn to code fast. In choosing platforms, consider the functionality that your website will have. WordPress, however, is flexible enough to let you create any kind of project. They also have themes that are suitable for gaming websites.

Start Designing and Constructing

To customize your website, try looking into the platform’s settings, compatible plug-ins, and themes.

  • Settings - head on to the settings corner of the platform to customize your preferences in terms of permalinks, site and post titles appearance, and media among other things. Permalinks are the permanent URLs to each website post. Website platforms provide a default structure that may contain a lot of symbols. You can change it according to your likes.
  • Plugins - platforms like WordPress give you more flexibility by installing plugins. There are plugins that filter out spam or ones that optimize and compress your website to make it load faster.
  • Themes - there are paid premium themes that are made to suit gaming websites. However, there are also free themes from,, and among other sites.

Other Things to Consider

Following these steps, albeit seemingly simple, can be a real handful. And, these are only the basic ones. It does not hurt to consult other resources and some friends. But once you’ve got a website running, the rest will be relatively breezy.

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