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Ways Cryptocurrencies Transform Video Games


In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have shown itself in the gaming world wherein there are many projects that make use of both digital currencies and decentralized platforms. Of course, this hasn’t been fully widespread yet because a lot of developers are still finding ways to integrate gaming into the blockchain. That said, here are a few ways to buy rs3 gold with crypto which indicate that cryptocurrencies could transform video games:

Cryptocurrencies as In-Game Currency

Video games are probably among the first platforms to make use of virtual currencies. Video games have their own virtual economy and their own in-game currency used for buying items, accessories, weapons, and the like. All of these can also be bought using real money as well (you can even buy in-game currency with real cash too).

If ever cryptocurrencies are integrated into video games like MMOs, then it would make payment for items, upgrades, etc. safer and faster without the interference of third-party payment processing like Paypal or credit cards. Imagine having the choice of using either cryptocurrency or just in-game currency, maybe imagine easily converting cryptocurrency into game currency.  It’ll so much easier and much faster since everything is online.

Cryptocurrencies for Various games

One of the greatest things about cryptocurrencies is that they can be used in various games if ever the game is built in the network. For instance, if you build several games in the Ethereum platform, you can use Ethereum for buying in-game stuff and even currencies. If you want to play a game that’s built on another blockchain network with a different cryptocurrency, it’s pretty easy to convert Ethereum to that digital token anyway. Overall, things will go much smoother for your gameplay.

Cryptocurrencies as Fraud Prevention

One of the most attractive things about using cryptocurrencies is that there is a lower risk of fraud. When using Paypal or credit cards, there is still the risk of your money being frozen or for extra fraudulent charges to appear on your card. For example, if you use Paypal to buy an item from a third party marketplace, you run the risk of people knowing your details and using them for fraud charges.

Now, if the game itself, along with the marketplaces, are built in the blockchain network, then you’ll all be using the cryptocurrency that the game is built on. With that, everything will be just like a cash transaction on the virtual network. There is no need for any third party to interfere with the transactions. Trust will no longer have to be a factor when it comes to looking for marketplaces to buy rare items or buy more in-game currency.


While there already has been some development of cryptocurrencies in gaming, there has been nothing fully concrete yet. For instance, there already has been a team of web development students implementing chess in the Ethereum network. Even with a simple game, they are having quite some difficulty. Imagine a live MMO in the blockchain. However, it’s quite feasible to do since gaming and crypto complement each other. It will just take some time and a lot of effort to do so. Hopefully, in time, we can see changes and start using these currencies in a variety of games.

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