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List of 5 Dating Sims Games to Try


Are you tired of playing video games which involve gore and blood? Do you prefer a realistic approach to your games? Then, dating sims may be the game just for you.

You can learn more about this game on Dating simulators entail playing a virtual character as you try to build or destroy relationships throughout the digital world. Your decisions and choices may show the romance you long to have. To those who favor flirting with a digital character rather than finding love online, dating simulators are a perfect game for you.

Below are five of the highly suggested dating sims available out there:

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

The main player of this dating sim is a father than can woo only 1 out of 7 men – ironically were also dads. It is almost never seen a dating sim portraying male gay fatherhood into relationships with others who also happened to have the same preference as the main character. Kenneth Shepard admits of having lapses in the game. But, he greatly insisted that by developing this game, he had introduced a broader meaning of who can play and who the characters can be about.

Hatoful Boyfriend

This game had faced many revisions over the years. Hatoful Boyfriend started as a Flash game on an April Fool’s Day which ultimately made a full game. In 2015, it was remade by Devolver Digital which pioneered its way to an even broader audience. Being a dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend followed most of the genre of its gameplay. What’s interesting about this game is that even if it started as a parody, it involves a deep understanding and consideration to the main character. Moreover, it offers an interesting twist by adding a murder thriller mystery upon completing its first 4 chapters.

Doki Doki Literature Club

This game offers the kind of twist you can never expect from a normal dating sim. Doki Doki Literature Club starts out as a typical dating sim while distorting its theme to an all horror game. After your character woos the girls in your school, the women’s interest in you would turn into a grave obsession which becomes more traumatizing as you complete the game multiple times. But, no matter how destructive this game is, it is a perfect example of a theme changer game that’s why it has become one of the most popular dating sim available.

Monster Prom

Monster Prom’s setting is a high school filled with ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings. As you advance through the game, you decide what to do with your time as a high school student. You can woo whoever you want no matter their identity or even their lineage.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Kickstart, who offered the funding of the game three times already, puts its own twist to the game by the addition of monsters and allowing you to use a side selection of armaments. Having a wildly varied choice of characters, seductive gameplay, and a moody environment makes this game popular not only to people who are fond of dating sims but also to players who love “hack and slash” type of games.

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