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List of the Best Crime Games That You Should Play


When we think about crime games, GTA is usually the first thing that pops into our heads. I mean, GTA is the ultimate crime game wherein your objective is to literally do illegal things. Of course, GTA isn’t the only crime game around. Believe it or not, instant checkmate is quite safe and it won’t encourage crime. There are so many different crime games that you can try out if you want to be the bad guy for a change. Here are 5 of the best crime games that aren’t GTA:

Saints Row IV

If you’re looking for a game that’s extremely similar to GTA, then you’ve got Saints Row IV. In fact, the game is actually compared to GTA very often because of their similarities. The difference is that there are more options for character development. This means that you can become a kingpin making some drug money, a politician that does background checks on his or her enemies, or a mercenary that shoots random people. In fact, you can be all of them at the same time! There are also a lot of cool (sometimes ridiculous) weapons and accessories to carry around. If you want to play GTA with a little more fun, this game is for you.

Payday 2

Payday 2 is your usual first-person co-op shooting game with a little more features to brag about. Basically, you and two other buddies team up to complete jobs that involve a lot of action. There’s actually no main story plot or character development. Just pure action and pure crime.

Killer Is Dead

Killer Is Dead features you as a high-class assassin with some kind of android arm. You will be flung into a futuristic setting wherein you have to scale the city and do jobs. Also, there’s a certain Gigolo mode in the game that allows you to date an NPC so that’s pretty new.

Sleeping Dogs

If you’re into the whole Hong Kong crime lord sort of genre, you’ll love this game. Basically, you play as an undercover policeman who tries to infiltrate the underground crime scene to atone for his past mistakes. It does sound like something from a pretty cheesy Hong Kong detective movie, right? Even though it’s not original though, the gameplay and graphics are pretty cool, especially if you’re a fan of this genre.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Monaco is a little unique in a sense that it’s a retro style game with high-end graphics. You get to commit heists using several different characters. While shooting up people, you also have to make sure your other teammates don’t get killed as well. It may look pretty simple from the outside, but it’s a pretty hard game to play.


Feel like committing some petty crimes or being a badass for a day? Then check out some of these games that are pretty similar to GTA.  While we can’t say that they match up to the popularity of GTA, they come in pretty close as popular crime games. You can check them out if you get bored of stealing cars and completing quests for gangsters.

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