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10 Best Websites to Download Paid PC Games For Free


Are you looking for sources of your favorite PC games without spending even a single penny? Fortunately, there are websites like Shurigames that grant this. Here are the top 10 websites where downloading games with premium content is legal and completely free of charge.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is undeniably one of the top websites to get PC games for free. You can download just about every popular game. Additionally, the site’s user interface is incredibly clean, and there are no annoying pop-up ads either. 


SteamGifts is a group of gamers who have Steam accounts. All the PC games here are given through a draw system. However, certain points must be collected to join the draw. Creating an account will give you 25 points and is enough to participate in the raffle.

Green Man Gaming 

Green Man Gaming has more than 5,200 games you can enjoy and over 450 game developers on their directory. This site is based in the United Kingdom and has received over 25 awards, excluding the MCV honor in 2017. Paying gamers are given monthly complements, and the website also provides Steam key to their players.

Reddit’s Free Games Subreddit

Many Reddit users utilize this site to acquire free PC games. Here, members can post PC games on the Subreddit “FreeGames” through Steam codes for the others. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for an account in Reddit to be qualified to all the games posted.  


Operated by Valve Corporations, Steam is the leading and largest source of digital games. To access its free games, go to the Free to Play section where you can filter the games according to operating systems, categories, features or genres. As of the moment, the site has roughly around 3,200 free games and works in 28 languages.

IGN Beta Giveaway

Not only do they possess some of the finest games, but IGN Bet Giveaway also grants you to download and play paid PC games for free. When you become a prime member, you may redeem beta codes to have full access to their paid games. Currently, Destiny 2 is downloadable for free. Awesome, right?


GOG is widely known for its DRM free games. Most of these games are offered at 50-705 discount. But what makes it on this list is its free games section which contains thousands of free games ready to be downloaded and played on all operating systems.  

My Abandonware 

My Abandonware is like a treasure box of old PC games which are “abandoned” by their creators. It features some of the most iconic games like the “Doom” and “Warcraft II”. With over 14,000 games developed from 1978 to 2017, we’re pretty sure this site will satisfy everyone.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is more than just a site that provides free PC games because part of their profit is donated to charities. Moreover, they host Steam key giveaways.

Tagged as the Dirty Little Helper, used to produce tricks and keys for games. Presently, it is a community of gamers frequently handing out Steam codes. In addition, new members of this community will receive game codes.

These are the best 10 websites where you can download full versions of PC games for free. All of these are legit, but you may not find the games you’re looking for in some of these websites. So, visit them all to fulfill your needs as a gamer.

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