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Use the e-mail addresses listed below to ensure that your e-mail is received by the proper department.

Business Development ( :
We are interested in learning of new business development possibilities for partnerships and licensing opportunities.

International Licencing ( :
If you believe you are qualified and are interested in bringing Meridian 59 to your local market, email us at this address.

Employment ( :
We are not currently hiring, but we will be looking for talented developers to add to our roster in the near future. Send inquiries to this address.

Information ( :
If you would like more specific information about who we are or what we're doing, please send us an email to this address.

Press contact ( :
Members of the gaming or mainstream press may contact us for the latest press information about our projects and our company.

Meridian 59: Help, Bug reports, Billing, Suggestions :
For help with Meridian 59 go to our Meridian 59 contact page.

Webmaster ( :
If you have any problems with or suggestions for our website, let our webmaster know!

News - Projects - Contact - Team

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