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The Near Death Studios founders bring years of gaming, game development, programming, and management skills to the company.  With the goal of creating wonderful online only games, they make a solid foundation and set strong examples for the company to follow. 

Rob Ellis IIOnline only games are what itís all about for Rob. His lifetime of gaming turned toward online only games well over ten years ago. In his eight plus years as a professional game developer, Rob has served as Lead Level Designer, Game Designer, Level Builder, and World Builder. Rob was one of the original members of the Meridian 59 team, considered by some to be the first of the new generation of online only role-playing games. He worked on the initial release of Meridian 59, as well as the gameís first four major expansions. More recently Rob was a member of the Ultima Online: Third Dawn expansion team. As a co-founder, Rob will utilize his experience in creating online only games to ensure that the design, art, and worlds of Near Death Studios' games are as great as they can be.

Brian Green :  Brian has been an avid gamer for years; he's played numerous computer, console, board games as well as traditional tabletop RPGs. Brian's interest in online games began with an addiction to a text MUD in college. He quickly became a coding "wizard" on the MUD, which lead to a long-term love of online game development. After gaining degrees in both Computer Science and Spanish Literature, he got a job that would have made Dilbert cringe. After he recognized a passion for online games that never went away, he had the privilege of working on Meridian 59 where he helped design and program three updates to the game before he worked on a single player game at 3DO. Afterwards, he worked a short time at He is currently very excited about contributing his programming, design, and writing experience with the other co-founders to develop innovative online games at Near Death Studios.

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